DaVinci Resolve training with Digital Therapy

In May, Digital Therapy is hosting two International Colorist Acadamy training courses in Cape Town. Both will feature world-renowned colourist Blake Jones as the instructor. SAGE members get a 20% discount.

Resolve 101: 2 days, R3750
18, 19 May 2013, Media Hive

This class is an excellent introduction to DaVinci Resolve V9. It is ideal for first time users and you do not need to be a colourist to attend. Class size is normally capped at eight to ten students, with a workstation and control surface shared between two people.

The class mixes the operational side of Resolve with some practical real world training on workflows, basic colour theory, grading approaches and techniques. It is run at a relaxed pace, questions are encouraged and group participation is a key part of the course.

This class is ideal for junior colourists, editors, DITs, VFX guys, basically anybody with a desire to get into colour correction.


Resolve 201: 2 days, R5750
20, 21 May 2013, 744 Digital Grading

Ideal for current Resolve Colourists and assistant operators. We cover advanced techniques and tricks using the latest software with the DaVinci Resolve control surface. These classes are normally capped at eight to ten people, with two students sharing a workstation and either the Wave, Element or Avid control surfaces.

Students are encouraged to bring their own material so the instructor and the students can grade and discuss the different formats and the challenges they bring. This is an advanced class that looks at color correction in general not only from the DaVinci point of view. We will look at conforming original camera files vs. grading a baked clip: what are the pros and cons of both? Take your grading to the next level by learning how to get ahead of the opposition. Also suitable for students coming straight from the R101 class.