Editing panel discussion at DIFF 2013

On the 21st of July, SAGE chairperson Melissa Parry will chair a panel discussion titled "Laying in the Cut" at the Durban International Film Festival. An interactive discussion with editors from the DIFF 2013 selection, looking at scenes from their films and documentaries, they will discuss the importance and techniques of editing for narrative impact.

Sunday, 21st of July, 14:00 – 16:00
Blue Waters Hotel: South Deck, 11th floor

Durban International Film Festival

Adam Dugas is a director, producer, actor, and writer based in New York City. Adam most recently completed post-production on DUST, which was produced, written, photographed and directed by Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner, and edited by Adam with assistant Jessy Abid. Dugas and Spooner also directed a year's worth of short documentary portraits of artists for the website ImagineFashion, including subjects like Frances McDormand, James Franco, Denis O'Hare, Basil Twist, Ryder Ripps and Mick Rock. Adam also produces and directs interstitials, commercials, and music videos.

Michel Smit specializes in editing for animation. In 2006 Michel started teaching himself 3D animation and by 2007 had landed his first job working as a 3D-Generalist on the film Jock of the Bushveld. Michel joined Triggerfish Animation studio in February of 2009 as an intern, and was moved into the role of junior editor toward the end of the year when work on Zambezia began. With the guidance and support of the people at Triggerfish Michel became the Editorial Department Supervisor for both feature films Zambezia and Khumba.

Oron Adar is an editor and filmmaker who specializes in documentary film-editing as well as screenwriting. He has edited many documentary films, including acclaimed works such as Detained, Preliminaries, The Ugly War, Keep not Silent, Women of Hamas and the Oscar nominated The Gatekeepers.