SAGE Suite Talks: Guerilla Moves 22 August 7pm

A presentation that looks at guerilla or low-budget filmmaking.

Arya Lalloo, Yoav Dagan S.A.G.E and Ziggy Hofmeyr S.A.G.E will be discussing tips for the independent filmmaker, and looking at the importance of independent work. We will consider the relevance of the short film to our industry, the purpose it serves and the benefits.

Yoav Dagan S.A.G.E owner of TiNT Post Production, will elaborate on his personal experience of the 48-hour Film Project.

Arya Lalloo owner of Reality Principle Productions, will talk on the journey of the independent filmmaking artist.

Ziggy Hofmeyr S.A.G.E owner of Joziewood Films, will discuss the possibility of making a living through independent work. 

Venue AFDA JHB, 41 Frost Avenue, Auckland Park

SAGE Members and AFDA Students/Staff: Free
Electronic Transfer: R30
At the door: R50

RSVP to (include you name and "GMoves" in your reference).

ABSA account 4056302496 | branch 643005