SAGE Acronym

The SAGE acronym, S.A.G.E., indicates peer recognition of excellence in a field. It is the highest honour that SAGE can bestow on an editor.  Being a SAGE member doesn’t mean that you can automatically write the acronym after your name on opening and closing credits. Only those members who have been awarded the acronym, and have renewed their annual membership fee, are allowed to use it.

The acronym application process aligns itself with the international standards set by the American Cinema Editors (ACE) and Australian Screen Editors (ASE) associations, making it a rigorous process for both the applicant and committee.

According to our the constitution, applications for acronym accreditation require that the editor:

Be a current member of SAGE, with a minimum of five years continued paid-up membership.

Have been a Full member for at least one year before applying.

Have at least five years industry experience as an editor.

Have demonstrated their ability to advocate the role of editors in the industry.

Submit a body of work that is considered to exhibit a consistently high standard of editing.

An acronym sub-committee, consisting of a minimum of three SAGE members who hold the acronym, review the applications and make recommendations to the executive committee.

Successful applicants will be accredited with the Acronym and presented with a certificate bearing their name and the date of their accreditation. Unsuccessful applications are welcome to re-apply in following years.


The Application Process

The Acronym Sub Committee, which makes recommendations to the Executive, consists of a minimum of three accredited Editors who hold the Acronym. The Acronym Sub Committee will judge entries mainly on the information and materials provided by the applicant.

Accreditation by the Guild is deemed an honour and the Accredited Editor shall have the right to use the letters S.A.G.E. after his or her name. In order to retain this entitlement, the Accredited Editor must continue as a financial member of the Guild.

Accredited Members will be presented with a certificate bearing their name and the date of their accreditation. The certificate shall always remain the property of the Guild.

Please refer to the Application document for more information.


The Difference between SAGE and S.A.G.E.

The correct abbreviation for the South African Guild of Editors is SAGE. The SAGE acronym is awarded only to eligible applicants who have been approved by the acronym committee. Recipients are allowed to write S.A.G.E. (in a slightly smaller font if possible) after their names. Being a SAGE member does not automatically entitled someone to use the acronym, or write it behind their name.


The following members are acronym holders, as of 2022:

Stephen Abbott       

Dinah Arnott 

Kerryn Assaizky

Nicci Bothma 

Tracy Clayton     

Rowan Cloete     

Nikki Comninos     

Kirsten de Magalhaes   

Babette du Toit 

Jack Esterhuizen     

Uta Frey 

Megan Gill

Melanie Jankes Golden   

Floris Kotze

Maryke Kruger       

Jackie Le Cordeur 

Ronelle Loots 

Catherine Meyburgh     

Este Nortje     

Candice Odgers   

Ula Oelsen     

Melissa Parry       

Kathy Pienaar   

Tanya Rosenberg 

Susan Scott       

Khalid Shamis 

Andrea Shaw   

Gugu Sibandze 

Edgar Sibaya     

Ashley Smith 

Richard Starkey     

Micki Stroucken 

Jolene van Antwerp

C.A. van Aswegen

Juli Vandenberg 

(Please note that these are active members for 2020. Acronym holders who haven't renewed their membership for 2020 aren't allowed to use their acronyms.)

SAGE is a non-profit company #2007/006516/08
and a non-profit organisation #268-737 NPO