About SAGE

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About SAGE

The South African Guild of Editors is a voluntary, non-profit company that represents film and video picture editors, assistant editors and sound editors. Since it was founded in 1994, SAGE has become a recognised player in the Film and Television industry.


What does SAGE do?

SAGE aims to promote the art of editing. We represent post-production professionals' interests at industry and government levels. We facilitate masterclasses, workshops, internships — and we host screenings and social events. We also offer a standard rate card, a pre-employment checklist and a job offer reporter


SAGE Exec 2024

SAGE is run by executive committee consisting of volunteers, who are full time professionals themselves.

SAGE Constitution

SAGE is governed by a constitution. It guides the objectives and operations of the guild. The last time the constitution was ammended was in 2012.

As an Non-Profit Company SAGE is governed by the SAGE constitution

SA VFX Editors Workshop 2022

NETFLIX & TEMPO, through its associate SAGE, are joining forces to offer the first VFX editor course of its kind in South Africa. This course is aimed at those who want to make a career as a VFX editor.


A lifetime dreaming of your story. Years researching, raising funds. Months pouring over text and proposals, rejections and victories. Eventually production starts and stops. Subjects’ lives change and alter the narrative possibilities. That’s ok though, it’s part of the thrill. Budgets get higher, funding runs lower; but you manage, somehow. Finally, you feel you’re ready for the edit, you think you’re ready. Then the real problems begin.

SAGE is a non-profit company #2007/006516/08
and a non-profit organisation #268-737 NPO