Scheduling Guidelines

SAGE has compiled Post-Production Scheduling Guidelines as a handy reference for producers and editors. The essentials and considerations for post scheduling and the workflow pipeline are included. 

We have included minimum standard guidelines for a variety of genres, including scripted fiction, telenovela, reality and documentary. In general, we recommend that more time is allocated for non-fiction projects than scripted fiction. 

The first day of the editor’s schedule is when cutting starts - all organisation and preparation should have been done already. Viewings, subtitling, exports and backups should be separate from cutting days. 

Please note that every project is unique and the final schedule will depend on the amount of footage, workflow, size of the post-production team, script and budget, among other variables. 

We recommend that producers consider the services of an experienced post-production supervisor at the start of the production scheduling and budgeting process. 

Scheduling Guidelines


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